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The BTPU curriculum and coursework have been developed with the utmost in student success in mind. All of the information provided is the most current available, while being easy to understand and implement.

Our programs best prepare students for success because we offer Multiple Methods of Learning and Student Implementation practices. Years of experience, both in traditional and non-traditional educational forums, has proved that the more ways a student learns a concept, the more they are able to remember, absorb and then act upon, increasing their likelihood of success in accomplishing their goals.

To this end, we deliver our education through multiple methods of learning including live coaching and events, teleconferences, web conferencing, books, CDs, DVDs, weekly ezines, a new state-of-the-art dynamic with interactive assignments and instruction and much more to be sure our students are optimally prepared. Essentially, we provide our education in every medium available and will continue to as long as others come into existence.

Once students have learned the principles to conduct their budding relationships, leadership skills, finances or businesses,  we support them with on-going instruction and offer help sessions and Student Services support for life.

BUILT TO PROSPER FOR LIFE Seminars & Conferences

Built To Prosper * Built To Prosper For Business Owners *  Built To Prosper For Career Builders * Built To Prosper For Effective Leaders * Built To Prosper For Educators * Built To Prosper For Investors *  Built To Prosper For Sales Professionals * Built To Prosper Couples * Built To Prosper For Healthy Living * Built To Prosper For Marketing & Advertising * Built To Prosper For Spiritual Living * Built To Prosper For Raising A Family * Built To Prosper For Kids * Built To Prosper For Teenagers.

To learn more about Built To Prosper University or to register, please send an email to: info@BuiltToProsperUniversity.com


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