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Hasheem Francis Groundbreaking New Book: Built To Prosper The Principle of Self Mastery

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Built To Prosper

Built To Prosper

Here is the book that could well become your blueprint for personal fulfillment. You Have the Power to Create Everything You Really Want in Your Life. That’s right Y-O-U!

Author, world-renowned speaker and Leadership and Business consultant Hasheem Francis will show you how to develop the Mantle of Wealth on You. You will possess the keys to overcoming scarcity thinking and getting what you want from life! In this life-changing book, Built to Prosper, Hasheem Francis clearly explains the way people fall victim to have-not and do-nothing thinking. He uses real-talk to delve into what this thinking does to their lives, and best of all, how to conquer this thinking and rapidly transform their life. It is time to position yourself to live well and prosper.

True prosperity is the ability to meet any need you may have: spiritual, mental, physical and financial.

When you learn the principles and how to apply them to your life, you will quickly understand how to…..

*   Get exactly what you want from life and lead by example.
*   Improve your personal and professional relationships.
*   Promote Win-Win relationships.
*   Take charge and be responsible for your life and happiness.
*   Achieve the success you want in your business or profession.
*   Stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit.
*   Be a winner, no matter what they say!

Hasheem demonstrates clearly how to take command of your life and overcome any obstacles. His assurance is “I Will, Until!”

Purchase A Copy Today!!!


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